Coach & Player Development

The London Rugby League Foundation plays an important role in supporting the development of players and coaches in the region, in partnership with the Rugby Football League.

The Foundation is an accredited England Player Development Partner, which means we are  accredited to deliver Embed the Pathway, which helps to develop community coaches and, in turn, young players.

ETP is a programme that is the first rung of the England performance ladder that aims to “Improve Players by Improving Environments”.  It aims to deliver more and better players, supported by more and better coaches.

The increase in the number of quality 12 to 16 year-old Rugby League players through the education and training of coaches, profiling and assessment of players then the development of a progressive and inclusive curriculum will serve to increase standards at International, Super League, Championship and Community Level of the game.

What is it?

England Talent Pathway’ supports differentiation by enabling all players to work on aspects earlier in the programme to work on 4 key elements of development, reach their potential and grow a greater pool of potential England players, through player profiling, coach education and curriculum development. It is a starting point, which answers the question; what should I be doing to make my players better?

This will lead to:

  • Improved quality of the player
  • More players getting more opportunities to demonstrate their potential
  • Regular focused, player profiling.

In order to design this age specific curriculum many leading coaches and youth specialists were consulted. This is also under-pinned by cutting edge research as what attributes need to be developed by young players as they move along the talent pathway.

The programme has four key areas;

  • Coachability – how do player behaviours and attitudes contribute to development?
  • Mental Attributes – introducing sports psychology to the young player.
  • Game – Technical aspects specific to Rugby League
  • Movement –The ability of the young player to perform key movements with control and accuracy, vital for their physical literacy.

The aim is for the England Talent Pathway to be seen as the “national curriculum” for 12-16 rugby league players, making it the perfect tool for coaches in this age group and secondary school teachers, introducing and developing players, often new to the game.

The movement section is also a perfect tool for PE teachers to assess the physical literacy of learners and links to a multi-sport environment.

The programme is supported by Continued Professional Development for Coaches and teachers involved.